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"I'm quite impressed…..personally have been loving it for the matte technology and oil-control as well as the anti-acne and redness benefits from the active ingredients."

Dr. Élise Dubois, MD
Board-Certified Dermatologist
Paris, France

Visible Results

After seeing results with our routine, some testers shared their progress with us.

Excessive Oiliness

95% Agreed their skin stayed oil-free for the whole day


87% Agreed on improved skin resilience against acne.


90% agreed that their skin felt instantly calmed, with a more even complexion

The best matte moisturiser for men currently


This is the easiest and most effective skincare for men with Acne


Every man with greasy skin needs to try this asap!


Why Curaid?

Ultramatte™ Technology

No greasiness or stickiness – absorbed by your skin within 5 seconds, leaving zero trace behind.

Two Products, All Benefits

Revolutionary all-in-2 formulas combat oiliness, acne, redness, itchiness, dry spots, and imperfections, revealing flawless skin

Cost Saving

Save money without compromising results - while competitors offer multiple products like exfoliators, serums, aftershaves, and creams, we combine them all into just 2

What's Inside

Active Ingredients


An alliance between two molecules from bioconversioning an extract of Japanese knotweed, offering modulation of the oil gland activity, protection of the oil against oxidation, limitation of P.acnes, and decrease of skin inflammation

Prebiulin FOS®

An extract from chicory root that cleanse the skin from unwanted microorganisms while strengthening the skin's microbiota barrier. Fights itching, dandruff and inflammatory reactions.


A stabilized organic press juice of 2 Super- Leaves from ribes nigrum and rubus idaeus, offering a triple action for preventive and curative treatment to oily skin prone to acne.


An organic extract Obtained from sustainably fermented Dannish willow bark proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and anti-dandruff effects.


A complex of Sodium Hyaluronate and hydroxy acids for a better surface skin renewal for brightness improvement, spots improvement, and face signs treatment.

Frescolat ML®

It creates the sensation of freshness and coolness without employing alcohol or menthol

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